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                                    Vital Sounds for Life

The Workshop

My workshop with retail shop is located on the site of the school Windrather Talschule in Velbert-Langenberg. This is where my colleague Nikolaus Imdahl and I make the instruments as individually handcrafted unique items of tonewoods which have been aged for many years. From selecting the woods up to the finished instrument, every constructive stage is performed individually and with great care.

Our range of services comprises:


  • Crafting of harps and lyres

  • Purchase and sale of lyres from all makers

  • Repair, restringing and servicing lyres from all makers and choroi instruments

  • Courses in lyre making for everyone in Germany and abroad

  • Courses in lyre playing and individual lessons

  • Retail sales and dispatch (see menu Instrument Shop)

My Instruments

All Lyres on this website have been redeveloped during long term research in cooperation with music therapists, musicians, and pedagogues with whom I am friendly and have also been tested in practice. Each instrument thus has its own individual creative history. I would like to tell you about this using a few examples. Read more

The Shop

In our unique shop you can see and hear a wide selection of high-quality, hand-made instruments such as lyres, harps, stringed instruments, flutes, sound and percussion instruments for use in music therapy, educational and cultural purposes. A virtual tour of the shop on this website will give you a slight impression (coming soon!). You will also find many of the instruments in our web-shop.


We look forward to your visit!


Opening times for the retail shop and workshop are: Mon.-Fri. from 8.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

Metal Instruments

My friend Georg Ehrenwinkler, ornamental blacksmith and designer of sound objects, having trained and worked under Manfred Bleffert, develops and constructs high-quality, metal musical instruments. These instruments are metal crafted from raw materials in traditional handwork methods. Read more

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